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Huong Son

Country Brief

The demand for FSC products is growing rapidly in Vietnam. However, to date only 56,000ha of forest are certified, accounting for less than 1 percent of the government’s target area. The Government of Vietnam is testing various forest payment for ecosystem services mechanisms, which is part of an effort to develop forest management strategies which are sustainable and participatory—an important requirement for FSC certification.

Scope of project

The ForCES project will contribute to national programs in the field of natural resource management and Sustainable Forestry. This will be achieved by establishing FSC certification as a market tool for a wide range of ES, which are currently not adequately covered for sustainable forest management. The project also has a component to ensure community ownership of information through the establishment of community monitoring systems.

Project Sites

Vinh Tu
Vinh Tu is located in the central province of Quang Tri. The total natural area is 3,539 ha, of which around 1,000 ha is forested land. The natural forests on sandy-soils cover roughly 450 ha and have a very important function in water regulation and controlling soil erosion from coastal winds. In 2012, 249 ha of Acacia plantations across 112 households in Vinh Tu received FSC certification. Field observations by SNV have highlighted general stakeholders’awareness and interest in extended certification for a range of ecosystem services including watershed protection, forest protection and recreational services.

Huong Son
The site in Ha Tinh Province consists of around 38,000 ha of hilly and lowland forest, classified as production forest and managed by Huong Son State Forest Company. The pilot site faces considerable threats from deforestation and degradation, as well as wildlife poaching. Ha Tinh is one of the proposed new sites for the UN REDD program. There is considerable local awareness of pressures on ES, of efforts to protect these, and of FSC.