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Thursday, 23. March 2017
Public consultation on Demonstrating the Impact of Forest Stewardship on Ecosystem Services

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Check the procedural document for certificate holders and a discussion paper on market tools and trademark use. The consultation period runs from 24 March to 21 May 2017.

In its Global Strategic Plan 2015–2020, FSC commits to offering new tools to certificate holders to access ecosystem services markets that result in increased net revenue for forest owners. This commitment is part of a broader strategy to increase the market value of FSC.

These new tools will help answer the global challenge that forest governance and economic systems in many parts of the world provide greater incentives for deforestation, forest degradation, and related social inequities than they do for responsible forest management.

New FSC ecosystem services tools will increase the confidence of governments, investors, buyers, and businesses in ecosystem services markets, and can be used to demonstrate the impact investments have on preserving ecosystem services. These tools will offer forest owners and managers an additional incentive to become FSC certified rather than pursue the short-term economic benefits of forest degradation, and an added economic support for FSC certificate holders already managing their forests responsibly.

The FSC ecosystem services tools include a new procedure for demonstrating the impact of forest management activities on ecosystem services, as well as tools for accessing ecosystem services markets. These tools are presented in FSC-PRO-30-006 Demonstrating the Impact of Forest Stewardship on Ecosystem Services and FSC-DIS-30-006 Market Tools and Trademark Use for Demonstrated Ecosystem Services Impacts.

We invite feedback on these two documents from FSC stakeholders, including: FSC members; certification bodies; forest companies; technical experts on ecosystem services; ecosystem services certification schemes; ISEAL Alliance members; and potential market players and buyers, including voluntary and regulatory carbon market buyers, buyers in watershed services and biodiversity markets, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, investors, funders, and governments and institutions that pay for ecosystem services.

Objectives of the consultation

For the procedure:

  • to receive feedback on whether we have found the right balance between scientific rigour and practical application regarding the demonstration of impacts;
  • to receive input on how to adapt the procedure for smallholders;
  • to receive technical feedback so that we can improve in credibility, feasibility, and cost-effectiveness of the procedure;
  • to identify areas that will need further guidance;
  • to receive feedback on new requirements related to other FSC standards, which are proposed to facilitate implementation of the procedure.

For market tools elaborated in the discussion paper:

  • to receive feedback on the value of the proposed approaches to create market tools based on demonstrated ecosystem services impacts, and input on how to improve the value offered;
  • to receive feedback on the relative benefits and risks associated with different market tools;
  • to receive feedback on different options for trademark use in association with demonstrated ecosystem services impacts.

To take part in the consultation, log in on the consultation platform and follow the link to the Public Consultation on the Ecosystem Services Procedure, Market Tools and Trademark Use.

All documents used in this public consultation are available in English and Spanish. In case you would like to translate it to any other language, please contact Petra Westerlaan for the Word file: