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Tuesday, 11. October 2016
Update: Development of the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure

Community Leader in Lombok

FSC is creating incentives to preserve valuable ecosystem services in responsibly managed forests, by developing two new tools for certificate holders to access emerging markets for these services.

The first tool is a common methodology that FSC certificate holders can use to demonstrate the positive impact of their forest management activities on ecosystem services. Based on this demonstrated impact, the second tool is an FSC ecosystem services claim. This will provide governments, investors, buyers, and businesses with assurances that the impacts they are paying for do preserve ecosystem services.

Both of these tools are being developed under the new procedure FSC-PRO-30-002 Demonstrating the Impacts of Forest Stewardship on Ecosystem Services. This procedure will allow FSC certificate holders to select a claim in one of five categories of ecosystem services: carbon sequestration and storage, biodiversity conservation, watershed services, soil conservation, or recreational services. The procedure then specifies the impact indicator that must be measured to evaluate the impact.

A draft of the procedure is currently being tested at sites within the ForCES project. A consultative forum will provide feedback on the first official draft of the procedure, before it is released for public consultation in March 2017. FSC welcomes new registrations for this forum, especially from the social chamber. A business advisory group is also being established to get feedback from governments and businesses on the potential applications of FSC ecosystem services claims for which they would be willing to pay.

For more information about the Ecosystem Services Program and the development of these tools, please contact Chris Henschel, Programme Manager, FSC Ecosystem Services,