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Thursday, 09. January 2014

Completed Activities

- Developing Strategy for a FSC national standard incorporating ES & BC with FSC Policy and Standard Unit support – Vietnam
ForCES team has been working with VNFOREST to support the national standard development process and carry out the consultation work. ForCES staff attended the consultation workshop on draft national standard in Vietnam and commented on the process to chair of the SDG group. On the technical aspects, SNV coordinated closely with FSC and CIFOR to develop a draft of ES indicators for Vietnam.
SNV has worked with a Certification body (GFA) to draft the carbon monitoring indicators for Huong Son Forest State Company (Ha Tinh Province), which has been tested during the field scoping audit mission. The scoping audit had three objectives: to test the ES management indicators, which FSC drafted for Vietnam; to identify gaps which need to be filled in order to get certified under the FSC FM scheme; and to audit to get the CW Certificate. The transfer process of FSC national standard were updated and communicated to other stakeholders.

- Consultation at national and site level to select most relevant business model – Vietnam
From October 2013, a consultant team was recruited for assessing opportunities and implementation costs of forest certification for ecosystem services in Ha Tinh and Quang Tri. The questionnaires and research tools were developed and a field survey was completed. The final report will be available by the first quarter of 2014.

- Design a plan at pilot site level to get it ES certified – Vietnam
After 02 site plans for getting certified were completed, the Assignment Agreement was signed with the local partners of these sites and the first 3 months of these plans were implemented. Maps of the pilot areas were also made using the ForCES’s ES maps.

- Awareness raising and Capacity building workshops for 2 sites
From 14th – 16th November, a scoping audit was carried out in combination with Control Wood main audit and with the ES indicators testing in the field. This audit allowed ForCES team to identify gap in the Huong Son company certification model. A training workshop on expanded FSC certification was organized in Huong Son district and five participants represented different stakeholders involved in the project (Quang Tri smallholders groups, the Sub-department of Forestry, representatives of the DoF Ha Tinh, commune and key staffs of the Huong Son Company).In December, ForCEs team conducted a training on Reduced Impact Logging and Work safety for the harvesting workers in Huong Son district. At the same time, the core team workers of the Huong Son Company were also coached on how to assess High Conservation Value Forest.From 28th – 29thDec, 2013, ForCES team carried out a ToT training on the FSC Guidelines on Free Prior & Informed Consent (FPIC) in Dong Ha city and VinhTu commune (Quang Tri province, Vietnam). Through the use of the FPIC training manual developed in July, ForCES project has delivered the key concepts of FPIC, guidelines and tools on how to implement FPIC in FSC certification model. Thirty-four representatives of Quang Tri Sub-DoF and 5 certification groups of VinhTu commune attended in the workshop. During the first day, through several participatory activities and games, trainees learned what FPIC is and what all elements of FPIC are. During the second day, the trainers introduced the application of the FPIC process within the FSC Principles & Criteria. The trainees also went through FSC FPIC guidelines, including the 6 steps to carry out FPIC in the FSC certification model. Then, the key members of FPIC groups in Quang Tri were identified and assessed to develop an action plan, and to select the potential ecosystem services to test in their villages. The same training will be conducted in Huong Son in the first quarter of 2014. ToR for participatory carbon training was developed and used for recruiting trainers.

- Field testing FSC National Standards, incorporating provisions for managing additional ES
After the Control Wood main audit and scoping audit, SNV supported the company to implement the suggested activities in order to remove the CARs on HCVF assessment and consultation. At the same time, based on the suggestion of the auditor during the scoping audit, the site plan was adjusted in order to satisfy the requirements for indicators monitoring of ES.