Tuesday, 15. January 2013
UNEP endorses FSC as Key Indicator Partner under the UN CBD

UNEP-WCMC Key Indicator for certification

FSC has become Key Indicator Partner of the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) established under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. FSC has been selected for the biodiversity indicator 'area of certified forest under sustainable management' by UNEP’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre because it has the widest geographic scope, the longest history, the broadest support from civil society and the strongest contribution to biodiversity conservation amongst forest certification schemes.
The forest certification indicator will be regularly updated using data from the FSC “Facts & Figures” info page It measure progress towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 7: “By 2020 areas under agriculture, aquaculture and forestry are managed sustainably, ensuring conservation of biodiversity” and can be accessed online at