Thursday, 25. October 2012
FSC International Generic Indicators - Working Group

From Karen Steer, FSC Policy Manager (until end of September 2012)

We are pleased to announce that the FSC Board last week confirmed the Working Group that will lead the effort to develop International Generic Indicators (IGIs), marking the next phase of the process to put the revised P&C into practice.

The Working Group, comprised of six FSC members representing their sub-chambers, is joined by a Technical Expert Group of six regional representatives from each of FSC’s global regions and two Certification Body representatives. A list of Working Group and Technical Expert Group members (the “IGI Group”) can be found on the IGI website, The first IGI Group meeting was scheduled for 10 – 13 July at FSC IC offices in Bonn.

Many thanks for your support in helping us secure such a qualified team.

In addition to the technical expertise they bring to this process, the IGI Group will play the pivotal role of representative, serving as a direct liaison between their respective sub-chambers (for the Working Group), FSC Network Partners/Standards Development Groups (for the regional representatives) or certification bodies (for the certification body representatives) and the IGI Group. We are currently working with them to establish procedures that will best enable them to fulfil this role.

An updated timetable can be found on the IGI website. We will also soon post a ‘Question and Answer (Q&A)’ list on the website, and will continue to add to it as questions and points of clarification arise. Background information will also be added to the website when available, such as the IGI Group ‘Terms of Reference’, the ‘Draft Zero’ that the IGI Group will use to jumpstart discussions at their first meeting, and other documents.

The revision of the P&C – starting with its initial review in January 2009 and culminating in approval by the FSC membership in February 2012 – was one of the most comprehensive and thoroughly consulted processes than any other in the history of the FSC. We are now eager to put this core FSC standard to practice through the development of IGIs and the transfer of national standards. Thanks to all of you for working with us on this ambitious goal.