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Thursday, 19. May 2016
Notice of Call for Public Consultation on National Forest Stewardship Standards (draft 1.0) in Nepal

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) National Standard Development Group (SDG) in Nepal has drafted FSC national forest stewardship standards-NFSS (draft 1.0) and in its meeting on April 12, 2016 has decided to share for public consultation seeking valuable comments from all interested individuals and institutions.

The NFSS (draft 1.0) and the guidelines to make formal comments are available in ANSAB’s website at .
The document includes an ecosystem services annex (Annex C: Additional Requirements for Ecosystem Services) which is a crucial element to allow FSC Ecosystem Services Certification in Nepal.

The SDG requests all the interested parties to send the valuable inputs and comments via post to G.P.O Box 11035, Kathmandu or through e-mail to by June 25, 2016.