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Tuesday, 08. July 2014
Vietnam Update: Completed Activities

• The ForCES team and the new deputy director of VNFOREST discussed restarting the FSC IGI transfer process and restructuring the Vietnam standards development group (SDG) to draft the national standard using the second draft IGIs. This is in progress.
• SNV presented the draft list of ES management and impact indicators to key partners for consultation. Once feedback has been incorporated, they will be submitted to the SDG for their approval and will go through a field test audit to verify their feasibility on the ground. A field test for ES indicators will be carried out by GFA, an accredited FSC certification body for Vietnam, during the annual FSC certification audit in Quang Tri. Based on the suggestion of the auditor during a scoping audit, the site plan was adjusted in order to satisfy the requirements for indicators monitoring of ES.
• Regarding benefit model development, the opportunities and implementation cost assessment were completed. The final report is available and was sent to RECOFTC for comments. It concluded that to establish a voluntary market for ESs like carbon, an institutional setting at national level is needed. Incorporating forest ES in FSC certification would provide opportunity to bring forest ES into the voluntary payment for ecosystem services (PES) market, and or public payment markets. In Vinh Tu commune, local community is both a provider and user of forest ESs, and local people have a strong incentive to self-govern the resources for their own benefit. Furthermore, the transaction cost for ES provision in Huong Son may also be higher than the case of Vinh Tu commune. The findings from this cost and benefit assessment will be used to inform the selection of a suitable benefit model for the sites.
• From 28–29 March, ForCES Vietnam conducted a training of trainers on the FSC guidelines on free prior & informed consent (FPIC) at Huong Son State Forest Company. The trainer presented the FPIC concept, as well as guidelines and tools on how to implement FPIC in an FSC certification context, to 30 participants, who included representatives of communes, communities living around Huong Son Company forest, Huong Son staff and related stakeholders. After this FPIC training, 15 Huong Son staff were trained on how to implement and maintain FSC certification.
• SNV conducted a training on participatory carbon monitoring (PCM) 11–14 April at Huong Son Company, Ha Tinh Province. Twenty-two participants from field team in Huong Son were trained in PCM, from designing sample plots to data analysis. Field team members were also trained in how to monitor soil erosion and integrate carbon monitoring into forest resources monitoring. After the training, an action plan for carbon monitoring in Huong Son site was developed and is currently being implemented.
• Terms of reference for ES monitoring (water and soil protection) and nursery establishment trainings were developed and used for recruiting trainers.
• Based on the site workplans, three-month plans will be developed and implemented.
• In Quang Tri, activities aim to protect 400 ha of natural forest by allocating it to community management. A forest resources survey and HCVF assessment were carried out; the HCVF report is available in Vietnamese. Three households from three certification groups were selected to establish indigenous tree nurseries, which will provide seedlings for future enrichment planting activities. An FPIC core team was established to carry out an FPIC process in Quang Tri. SNV is discussing a contract for an audit and ES indicators test in Vinh Tu with GFA.
• In Huong Son, forest resource and carbon monitoring have been implemented, and carbon monitoring training was conducted for Huong Son SFC using the PCM manual developed by SNV.
• ForCES Vietnam ensured that ForCES was represented at relevant conferences and events.
• Que Anh attended a forest allocation and trend workshop organized by SFMI in Ha Noi in April.
• Que Anh was on the panel of an ICRAFT seminar on ΄Landscape approaches to conservation and management΄.