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Friday, 04. July 2014
Chile Update: Completed Activities

• Three indicators workshops were conducted for the Imperial-Carague site between March and June 2014. The companies involved, the intercultural hospital, other local stakeholders and FSC Chile all participated, and the workshops resulted in agreement on the indicators that will be monitored and defined the responsibility for data collection at the pilot site level. Data collection started in the course of July in all three pilot sites.
• CIFOR and FSC Chile met in Finland to revise, agree and edit the indicators proposed in 2013 and January–March 2014 for the three Chilean pilot sites. A final document with management and impact indicators was issued in April and was shared with all three sites.
• The project team organized meeting with the new (2014) governmental authorities in Mechaico-Lajas Blancas and Pumalín sites. The newly elected representatives did not know about the project, and their support is crucial for its success.
• During May, the ForCES MTR was conducted, mainly by country reviewer Pablo Villalobos, Peter Sprang and Alison von Ketteler. Field visits to Imperial-Carahue and Mechaico and desk work were carried out 26–30 May. FSC Chile, DAS, INFOR and other local partners held presentations before each field visit, presenting the context, work and challenges to the evaluation team.
• INFOR also presented local market analysis, based on its interviews with more than 70 representatives of businesses, NGOs, the travel sector and forest managers to collect information on their expectations and needs for responsible management of forests and ESs. The analysis finds for example that 68 per cent of the responding companies would be ready to pay for certified ES provision impacting or impacted by their activities. There is a preference for certified ES in Chile it seems.