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Thursday, 03. July 2014
CIFOR Update: Completed Activities

• The work on market aspects of ecosystem service certification is progressing well. Wanggi Jaung submitted an internal report, ΄ForCES: Business strategies for FSC to expand its scope to ES markets΄ to the ForCES partners. A second internal report, ΄Market demand analysis of FSC certificate holders (v3.0)΄ is currently under internal review at CIFOR and will be shared with FSC in the next quarter. Wanggi Jaung has also completed the first draft of the online survey questionnaire for ES projects, which is currently under review.
• To elicit market demand for watershed certification, Wanggi Jaung is preparing for fieldwork in Lombok. A research proposal has been shared with WWF-Indonesia and data collection is planned for later this year.
• The work on monitoring has also taken steps forward. Sini Savilaakso had a meeting with Ana Young 24–26 March in Helsinki to work on the indicators and discuss data collection strategies. Sini Savilaakso prepared draft monitoring protocols for all the sites and they are currently being finalized by country teams. She, Kalyan Gauli and Shambhu Charmakar finalized the monitoring protocol for Charnawati, where data collection started in June. She also prepared a questionnaire for data collection, which was field tested in Nepal and has been shared with all the ForCES partners.
• Wanggi Jaung attended the Forests Asia Summit 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia which is reported in the Events section below.