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Wednesday, 02. July 2014
FSC Updates: Action Points

• FSC is planning to support the translation of indicators that have been developed so far at the country level into FSC management indicators. The FSC team also intends to draft a ‘template’ set of forest management indicators for each of the ESs involved in the ForCES project (soil, water, biodiversity, carbon and eco-tourism). This will be based on: a review of two key documents (the World Conservation Monitoring Centre΄s ΄Best policy guidance for the integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services in standards΄ and CIFOR's ΄Forest certification of ecosystem services΄); a review of national work on ES indicators; and a comparison of leading ES schemes for each service with the latest draft of the FSC International Generic Indicators (IGIs), to identify any remaining gaps. This process is intended as a support for country partners in their work on national standards/FSC ES indicators, and will also support adaptation of FSC standards at a global level to address ESs.
• Finalize the consolidated quarterly expenditure statement January–March 2014 and cash advance statement April–June 2014 and send to United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).
• Write mid-term review report for FSC and CIFOR.
• Organize International Steering Committee and annual project manager meeting in Bonn, 25–29 August.