News & Updates

Wednesday, 11. June 2014

Action Points

• Develop a strategy for incorporating ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation into the FSC national standard, with support from the FSC policy and standard unit.
• Present new update on transfer process.
• Complete terms of reference and recruit an expert group for developing ecosystem services indicators and build into the national standard.
• Update the changes in the SDG to FSC
• Keep up-to-date with the IGI revision process.
• Discuss the FSC+ road map with VNFOREST in context of the government closing all the main harvests in the natural forest.
• Organize a consultation at national and site level to select most relevant businesses.
• Based on the site plans, develop and implement three-month plans:
o In Quang Tri, complete the work of allocating natural forest to communities,complete a resources survey and an HCV forest assessment, establish a team to carry out an FPIC process,set up a database and hold a training on the forest management plan for FSC+ water and soil protection.
o In Huong Son, carry out forest resources assessment and carbon monitoring, and set up a database.
• Conduct training on FPIC, carbon monitoring and database set-up.
• Recruit mid-term reviewer in Vietnam.
• Ensure representation of ForCES at conferences and events.