News & Updates

Wednesday, 11. June 2014

Completed Activities

• Developed a strategy for a FSC national standard incorporating ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation with support from the FSC policy and standard unit. The ForCES team has been working with VNFOREST to support the national FSC standard development process and provided input to the consultation work. The second consultation draft of the FSC IGIs was translated and shared with suitable stakeholders in Vietnam.

• SNV worked with the Huong Son Company and build their capacity for completing a quality management system according to requirements of the FSC standard. The piloting plan was refined based on recommendations from the scoping audit.

• ForCES supported sending one member of the Vietnamese SDG to attend the IGIs consultation workshop in Hong Kong, held on 5–7 March 2014. Linked with the IGI revision process, a meeting will be organized to update information for the national SDG and to agree on how to contribute to the IGI consultation, as well as to discuss how to use the IGIs for transferring the national standard.

• National and site-level consultations were held to select the most relevant business model. A report of opportunities and implementation cost assessments and a training manual on conduct assessments are under review by the Vietnam ForCES team. Some results of the assessment were presented at the For INFO PSC meeting in Bangkok in February 2014.
• Based on the site plans, three month plans will be developed and implemented. In VinhTu, Quang Tri, 400 hectares of natural forest have been allocated to communities for better protection and management; work will be completed in the second quarter of 2014. In addition, forest resources survey and a HCV forest assessment are planned, and a team will be established to carry out an FPIC process. In Huong Son, a forest resources assessment and an HCV forest assessment was completed and local stakeholders were consulted; a report and maps are available.
• SNV supported the company to complete all the necessary documents for removing the Corrective Action Request on HCV forest assessment and consultation. A first draft of the audit report was translated into Vietnamese and is under review.