News & Updates

Friday, 06. June 2014

Completed Activities

• Two Standard Development Group (SDG)/International Generic Indicator(IGI) meetings were organized to review and provide feedback on second draft of the FSC IGIs. The first, held on 18 February 2014, was chaired by Dr Bhishma Subedi and brought together eight SDG/IGI members representing economic, environmental and social chambers.The group was oriented on the IGI review process, and one to three principles of interest were allocated to each member for detailed review. Members agreed provide feedback on the second IGI draft within two weeks. In the second meeting, members’ views on each indicator were shared and collected,and a critical discussion was held. Their feedback focused on language, and the relevance or redundancy of a few indicators in the Nepalese context. The meeting fixed a date for a public consultation workshop on the second IGI draft. It will be held on 21–22 March 2014 and bring together 35 experts from government and non-governmental organizations. The workshop is expected to analyze each indicator to provide important feedback for improving and finalizing the IGIs.

• ANSAB organized a two-day orientation workshop on ecosystem services certification at Sigati, Gaurishankar on 13–14 January 2014. Thirty-five participants attended, including community forest user groups, conservation management committee leaders and Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project representatives.Through participatory mapping, they delineated 15 already-identified forest management units (FMUs)along the Rolwaling trekking route for ecotourism certification, as well as developing activities, expected outputs and monitoring indicators for sustainable ecotourism development in the Gaurishankar landscape.

• The project team visited the Rolwaling route to collect details of community forests located along it, trace them all out on a topographical map and identify potential tourism routes and ecosystem services in the area. The team collected basic information from FMUs to develop a database of the landscape, including forest area and type, household involvement, and existing infrastructure. Two alternative trekking routes were also identified in consultation with local leaders and FMUs.

• Dr Kalyan Gauli and Mr Shambhu Charmakar developed a detailed implementation plan – including activities, targets and implementation strategies – for 2014. This plan will be shared with ForCES team members and concerned stakeholders like the District Forest Office at a workshop scheduled for 14–15 March 2014, to ensure the effective implementation of project activities.

• ANSAB recruited Mr Shambhu Charmakar (MSc from Georg August University of Gottingen, Germany and MA Arts from Tribhuwan University) as a program officer for the ForCES project on 22 January 2014.