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Friday, 04. April 2014

Action Points

• WWF Indonesia is working to support local community members in West Kalimantan to fish more sustainably. In January 2014, WWF staff and the ecosystem services expert monitoring team conducted a series of studies to establish baseline information for local fisheries during the dry season. Their findings will be developed into a guidance document for local fisher people, which will be the subject of a public consultation in Kapuas Hulu in June.

• On 11 February, groundwater monitoring equipment was installed in Sesoat village, West Lombok, with the aim of measuring the impact of forest restoration in upstream areas. The installation took place in the presence of staff from the Indonesian Institute of Science, WWF and the IMP survey, and Sesoat residents. Water samples from the Jankokriver and the Aiknyp spring have been submitted for analysis and the results will be used as a baseline for water quality. The local community will continue to monitor restoration in the upstream areas.