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Saturday, 04. January 2014

Completed Activities

- Development of a national standard integrating ES&BC
ANSAB under ForCES project activity formed a Standard Development Group (SDG) in order to support FSC in developing the IGI. The SDG is composed of 9 members for a chamber balanced structure (3 members for each of the chambers - Social, Economic and Environmental-). The SDG is responsible for reviewing the IGI 2nd draft and providing suggestion for the IGI development team. The group will also work to develop verifiers based on the approved IGI.

- Design a plan at pilot site level to get it ES certified
ForCES team conducted a workshop on November 22nd to increase participants’ awareness on forest certification and to identify forest management units that might get certified in Garuishankar Landscape. Members of forest management units, conservation management committees, Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) staffs participated in the workshop. The participants identified 15 community forest users groups that might get certified along the Rolwaling trekking route. They considered ecotourism the most relevant ecosystem service followed by carbon and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP). The results of this workshop are crucial to prioritize ES certification at pilot site level.

- Training and capacity building for certification for the members of the community forest user groups, government/NGOs/ private forest holders
A training was conducted on the 28th and 29th of October to develop local resource person (LRP) on forest certification. Altogether 14 LRPs from both Charnawati and Gaurishankar Landscape participated in the training program. The training focused on three topics: explaining the role of forest certification in contributing to sustainable forest management; FSC principles and criteria; and other benefits of forest certification.

- Selecting relevant indicators for Nepal in the 2 sites and collecting data (related to component 5)
A two day workshop was conducted on October 30-31 to identify monitoring impact indicators for ES in Charikiot (Dolakha). Dr Sini Savilaakso from CIFOR was the key facilitator of the workshop. Twelve representatives of local stakeholders (such as Community Forest Users Groups, Federation of Community Forest Users Nepal, District Forest Office, District Soil Conservation Office) attended the workshop. The workshop identified monitoring indicators for forest carbon, watershed protection, ecotourism and NTFP.