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Tuesday, 31. December 2013
FSC IC Update

Completed Activities

- Participation at several events at the UNFCCCCOP, booth and presentation at a side event (Warsaw, Poland). More details in the event section.
- Participation at the Global Landscape Forum, booth, and presentation in one session at the event (Warsaw, Poland).More details in the event section.
- Participation at the ForCES Project Manager Annual Meeting and International Steering Committee. More details in the event section.
- FSC Ecosystem Services Program (ESP) team prepared a set of draft ES management indicators that could be incorporated into a National FSC Standard. These indicators will be used in the first place in Vietnam, where they were tested during a pre-audit that took place in November 2013.
- FSC ESP team provided clarifications regarding the ES indicators related to Principle 5 and 6 of the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5 to the FSC International Generic Indicator Working Group.
- FSC ESP team drafted also a set of benefit models for ES certification. These models were discussed at ForCES Annual Meeting in order to determine which are the most promising in each country.
- Chris Henschel joined FSC ESP team as ES Program Manager at FSC from October 2013 onwards.
- Consolidated QESJul-Sept13 and CASOct-DEC13 (covering the period Apr-Dec13) were sent to UNEP