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Wednesday, 23. October 2013
Nepal: Design a plan at pilot site level to get it ES certified

o Consultation with stakeholders for finalization of the sites

Based on the ES mapping and stakeholder consultation, the project identified a cluster of Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs) in Charnawati Landscape, which is one of the pilot sites for ES certification in ForCES. The cluster consists of 37 FMUs and 6 of them are FSC certified for timber and NTFPs. As all the selected 37 FMUs were beneficiaries of ANSAB’s REDD+ project, the primary ES considered for certification is carbon. Likewise, meetings with the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) were held in August and September to identify potential sites for eco-tourism in Gauriskhankar Conservation Area (GCA). During these meetings, the participants agreed that the Rolwaling trekking route could be a potential site for ecotourism certification. Nevertheless, the primary ES in both sites will be bundled with other ES, such as hydrological services, carbon, NTFPs.