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Wednesday, 23. October 2013
Nepal: Design a plan at pilot site level to get it ES certified

o Consultation with stakeholders for finalization of the sites

Based on the ES mapping and stakeholder consultation, the project identified a cluster of Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs) in Charnawati Landscape, which is one of the pilot sites for ES certification in ForCES. The cluster consists of 37 FMUs and 6 of them are FSC certified for timber and NTFPs. As all the selected 37 FMUs were beneficiaries of ANSAB’s REDD+ project, the primary ES considered for certification is carbon. Likewise, meetings with the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) were held in August and September to identify potential sites for ecotourism in Gauriskhankar Conservation Area (GCA). During these meetings, the participants agreed that the Rolwaling trekking route could be a potential site for ecotourism certification. Nevertheless, the primary ES in both sites will be bundled with other ES, such as hydrological services, carbon, NTFPs.