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Wednesday, 23. October 2013
Nepal: Conduct market analysis of demand/interest for ES based FSC certification at national and pilot site level

o The draft report on market analysis to assess the demand/interest for Ecosystem Services (ES) in Dolakha district has been developed in August and will be finalized in October. The final report will allow developing foundation for deeper understanding of an ES-based FSC certification. The report covers four ES, namely carbon sequestration, watershed management, eco-tourism and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs). The study has been undertaken at pilot site and national level through a consultation process. In order to collect the information, the respondents were grouped into three different categories namely enablers, buyers and producers/sellers. The study has given special attention on buyers in order to understand their willingness to pay for PES. The report analyzes policies and legislations together with previous Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) implementation practices in Nepal. Firstly, it explains in detail specific PES related policies in Nepal, covering forestry, biodiversity, tourism, water resource. Secondly, it reviews previous PES implementation and field-based learning experiences, such as REDD+ pilot payment initiatives, existing practices of PES in drinking water services, payment for irrigation and flood control services, and payment for Hydropower services.