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Thursday, 24. October 2013
Chile Ongoing activities: Market Analysis

- The survey poll for the market analysis has been completed and included suggestions from staff of FSC-CHILE, ForCES Global Manager, Mr. Wanggi Jaung from CIFOR and INFOR staff. The INFOR team defined an initial sample of 350 people to be interviewed. However, after accepting this research method, the team decided to extend the survey to companies, consultants, consulting firms, government institutions, universities and forestry companies. INFOR and FSC – Chile have consolidated a list of 720 potential interviewees among individuals, businesses, and other actors. As a first phase, INFOR started sending the survey to businesses and individuals related to the water services, while in a second phase, INFOR will start a mass mailing to the expanded list. For surveys carried directly by the team, INFOR prepared a guideline with instructions for the interviewers, in the event of queries arising during the interview. The team will start the process of analyzing the information, after the data collection phase is finalized.