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Thursday, 11. July 2013
Nepal: Design a plan at pilot site level to get it ES certified

Consultation with local stakeholders and finalization of the list of area for piloting through FPIC process

In process of finalizing a list of area for piloting, a consultation was held with CFUGs and buyers by individually visiting them on the 8th and 9th of May in Dolakha district. The meeting primarily focused on drinking water services. During the meeting representatives from two landscapes, namely Charnawati and Gaurishankar, were consulted. Three sites, namely Kirantichhap Drinking Water User’s Group, Hoksila Drinking Water User’s Group and Singati Market Drinking Water User’s Group, were identified as promising site for piloting. In addition, discussion is being held to involve Charikot Driking Water User’s Group also as a pilot site. The ForCES team also met with Gauri Shankar, Conservation Area Project (GCAP) official, to explore potential piloting site for ecotourism.