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Thursday, 11. July 2013
Chile: Carahue Site

In the Carahue site, which will be providing the ES of genetic resources, the ForCES team was with a local organization (i.e.,Departamento Acción Social Obispado Temuco, DAS), whose Executive Director (Mr.Mario Rivas) is member of ForCES National Steering Committee. Moreover, the DAS (through Paola Mendez, a forest engineer), in cooperation with the timber companies Bosques Cautín S.A. and Forestal Mininco S.A., was helping with the site description, which will be used to define the social and environmental baselines. The DAS has several years of experience and a deep knowledge of rural communities in the area, which is crucial especially in those sites where indigenous people and population are important and/or prevalent. The detailed baselines, with information provided by the timber companies (Bosques CautínS.A. and Forestal Mininco S.A.), are expected to be completed by September 2013. Afterwards the team will plan a workshop to define potential biodiversity indicators. Another forest company (Forestal Mininco S.A.) was involved in the project because it owns a large area of the natural forest, which is committed to the project.