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Thursday, 11. July 2013
Chile: Pumalin site

In Pumalín reserve the project had difficulties of acceptance from the perspective of selling ES in a natural park, and foreseeing the direct benefits of implementing FSC certification for an area, which already has world-class management of biodiversity conservation and recreational services. Fortunately the team clarified all the doubts and found solutions in the workshop held on April 2013 in the site. The workshop was very inclusive and Pumalín staff, Chilean GEF focal point, Astorga Consultores and FSC-CHILE participated proactively. Participants are aware of the importance and potential benefits of FSC certification of ES (i.e.,recreation services and provision of genetic resources) especially for a conservation area or a potential national park in Chile. According to the plans proposed at that meeting, project developers and partners (Pumalin staff, Astorga Consultores and FSC-CHILE) are going to have in July an internal workshop to identify ES indicators for recreation and provision of genetic resources. Also the ForCES team considered to discuss about the detailed program for getting the site certified. In addition, during the next visit in Pumalín, FSC- Chile will meet with the local community to talk mainly about the project and Free, Prior & Informed Consent (FPIC) Concepts. Remember that Pumalin is now a private nature reserve, which is oriented to biodiversity conservation and tourism visits to defined trails, and aims to become a national park.