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Thursday, 11. July 2013
Chile: Mechaico - Lajas Blancas site in Acnud, Chiloe'

ForCES team was, together with the stakeholders and INFOR, in the process of establishing the management plans for forest and agricultural operations in the site of Mechaico. Also, the team started to define the payment method for the water quality environmental service (ES) with rural and urban communities of the site. It is important to highlight that water quality is a relevant ES and water suppliers are the owners of native forest, located within the river basin. This is the major water source of the city of Ancud (Chiloé). ESSAL is the local water company, supplying potable water and charging for this service. According to formal conversations with ForCES Team, the company seemed to be very willing to support the project, due to its several positive effects in the watershed and surrounding forest areas. Firstly the water treatment operations would require less use of chemicals to clean water and less maintenance work, resulting in reduced costs for ESSAL. Secondly the project supports the long term sustainable use of the water resources, which is crucial in the region, due to the recurrent water shortages in Ancud during summer. Finally the project will deliver good social acceptance to the company.
On the 24 of April 2013, in the city of Ancud, several independent meetings were held with the neighboring community of Lajas Blancas, who owns the Mechaico river basin. These meetings defined and completed records for the agro-forestry ordering/management plans.