Country Brief

Nepal has already gained important experience in group certification for forest management, through certification projects with the FSC-accredited Rainforest Alliance/Smartwood Program. It is important that Nepal now explores the potential of enhancing the economic and environmental benefits of extended forest certification by incorporating additional Ecosystem Services (ES).

Scope of project
The six-year project aims to make a significant contribution to building national capacity in certifying ecosystem services. Activities planned include technical and financial support for the project area and guidance to policymakers and stakeholders in drawing up rules, laws, regulations and policies.

Project sites

Charnawati Landscape
Is located at the lower part of Dolakha district. It covers about 45,500 ha and has nine ecological zones. The main ecosystem services are tourism, carbon enhancements, NTFPs, and hydrological services. Some areas, already popular with visitors and pilgrims, offer scope for certification and expansion to attract international tourists. A REDD+ pilot project is running, increasing the carbon enhancement potential of the area. There are also opportunities for hydrological services management. There are seven FSC certified forests in the area and many communities have a good understanding of forest certification.

Gaurisankar Landscape
Is located at the upper part of Dolakha district. It covers about 76,290 ha and takes in a small part of the Gaurishankar Conservation Area (GCA), under the management NTNC. There are 15 ecological zones. Ecotourism, hydrological services and NTFPs are the major ecological services in the area. Jiri, Rolwaling and Gaurishankar are major tourist destinations. The area hosts a number of hydropower projects. There are three FSC certified forests at this site and many communities have a good understanding of forest certification.

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