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Wednesday, 16. July 2014
Forest Asia Summit

5 May, Jakarta (Indonesia)

FSC invited local ForCES partner Dita Ramadhani of WWF Indonesia to share the progress and challenge of ForCES pilot project. An introduction to the program and the regional context were given by Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director. FSC General Director Kim Carstensen also joined Ramadhani and Monument in a panel discussion, moderated by Prabianto Mukti Wibowo, Indonesia’s Assistant Deputy Minister for Forestry.

The key messages were:
1. ForCES develops ES certification by adding a landscape approach to the strong foundation of the existing forest certification system, so that carbon conservation, water resource management, biodiversity conservation and ecotourism are included and the impact and benefits of certification maximized.
2. The challenge in Indonesia is engagement with the existing framework of national law. The Indonesian Ministry of Forests has already established KPH, a forest management unit system, and research is need to bring ForCES into line with KPH management practices/guidance for implementation of ecosystem services.
3. FSC will contribute to developing sustainable landscape management by continuing multi-stakeholder dialogue to incorporate various commodity-based certification schemes (forestry, agriculture and fisheries) into integrated landscape-level management.