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Wednesday, 22. January 2014
Session at the Global Landscape Forum COP 19

16 November 2013, Warsaw (Poland)

o At the session, entitled "Certifying ecosystem services in forestry and agriculture: Ensuring genuine monitoring, reporting and verification and social and environmental integrity at a landscape level," FSC presented its work on ecosystem services as a contribution towards responsible landscape management.

o Nearly 100 participants gathered in an old wooden classroom at the Warsaw University. Alison von Ketteler, global project manager of the FSC Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services (ForCES) project, presented options for FSC’s engagement in ecosystem services markets. "Responsible ecosystem services management is an intrinsic component of responsible forest management, which FSC already promotes,” explained von Ketteler. “But at the moment there is no specific system for monitoring or marketing the social and environmental impacts of FSC certification on ecosystem services”.

o The presentation was followed by an interactive session during which members of the audience expressed, in a panel format, their opinions on potential markets for ecosystem services. This format was greatly appreciated by participants and organizers, and FSC team was compelled by the commitment and participation of the audience.