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Tuesday, 21. January 2014
COP 19

14 November 2013, Warsaw (Poland)

o FSC has co-applied with the Gold Standard Foundation ofone side event of the COP entitled: Leading Trends in Climate and Development Results Based Finance

o The three organizations showed how they have been aligning their system to ensure the adequate stewardship, safeguarding, monitoring and accounting of forest carbon. This is helping to scale up the practices, attract new sources of finance, and provide investors and certified beneficiaries with much-needed confidence.

o During the side event at the COP 10, FSC provided an update on the due diligence system, the Carbon Scheme Assessment (CSA), carried out to make sure that Gold Standard aligns with the ISEAL credibility principles. The analysis is not yet complete but we are confident that collaborating with Gold Standard is a serious option [for carbon accounting] and will strongly mitigate the risk of seeing the FSC brand misused”. The next steps will be: to discuss any required areas of adaptation with Gold Standard based on the CSA; to undertake a dual certification-testing exercise to harmonize audits; and to launch a survey of FSC members to get feedback on this new strategic orientation. For more information about the partnership between FSC and Gold standardclick here.

o In 2011, the FSC board approved FSC Climate Change Engagement Strategy. This built on the recommendations of the FSC Forest Carbon Working Group, which was set up after the general assembly in Cape Town (South Africa) and which, since then, has been implemented by the FSC Ecosystem Services program. During the same General Assembly, the Assembly approved motion 10 motion that aim to identify the reputational and technical risks for FSC certificate holders to make claims and receive rewards related to the provision of carbon credits and other ecosystem services. This motion particularly focused on protecting the integrity of the FSC brand.

o As FSC will not issue its own carbon credit, a measure has been to link up with other organizations that provide carbon credits. As a result of it, FSC established a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gold Standard to create opportunities for FSC certified beneficiaries who want to get rewarded through the issue of carbon credits from their forests. Gold Standard has recently made a strategic move towards land-based carbon assessment, so FSC and Gold Standard decided to explore their system mutually in order to potentially recognize their respective approaches.