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Thursday, 24. October 2013
FPIC Workshop in Nepal

- FPIC (Free Prior Informed & Consent) workshop in Nepal: the 4 days training took place at the FPIC pilot site in Charikot during the week of the 22nd of July and included a pilot site visit. The workshop met its expected goals. The 11 participants from ForCES Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia understood the FSC requirements and key concepts related to FPIC and the tools, processes and techniques within the FSC-FPIC Guidance Manual. The participants became familiar with current best practices and recommendations for Access & Benefit Sharing and their application to ES certification within the FSC framework. The attendees worked on real-life cases of selected ForCES pilot sites in each country, assessing pilot site conditions against the FSC FPIC requirements and identifying current compliance gaps. Participants expressed the need for a second training on the negotiations techniques for a FPIC process. A date will be set up in order to conduct such training within the next months.