Project partners

FSC Chile - implementing partner for Chile

Astorga Consultores
A local consultancy agency specialized in the social aspects of forest management and FSC certification. It participates in the ForCES project as co-executor in activities related to social and communication / information issues to communities.

GFA Certification
An accredited German certification body which is participating through its Latin American Regional Office in the design, construction and field testing of indicators of ES certification.

The National Forestry Corporation (CONAF)
The agency responsible for proposing and administering natural forest and plantation policies and promoting Chile’s forest sector development. It provides the official political support to the project

The Forestry Institute of Chile (INFOR)
The state agency for forestry research, whose Valdivia unit is participating as an executing partner in Mechaico pilot site, which already held earlier studies related to payment for environmental services.

Bosques Cautín S.A. and Forestal Mininco
These plantation companies provide the pilot site Carahue and collaborate in all activities planned for the site through their environmental team.

Pumalín Foundation
The entity responsible for developing Pumalin Park, a protected private area which is a pilot project site, and providing services.

Junta de Vecinos de Lajas Blancas
A neighborhood group formed by smallholders of Mechaico River watershed, which is a potential supplier of water quality environmental services.

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