Scope of project

The five-year project aims is to expand FSC certification at the landscape level in Chile for a wide range of ecosystem services. This will help to improve and promote sustainable forest management and social development around natural and planted forests. Further, it help bolster the potential positive effects of local environmental protection policies.

Project sites

414 hectares of commercial plantations and 114 hectares of native forest and protection areas, all FSC certified. Site is expected to produce a replicable model and example for biodiversity conservation within commercial plantations for timber.

Project will consider the payment for the environmental services of water quality. This site may provide a reference model for developing a well-identified environmental services.

Parque Pumalín:
A protected private area of 300,000 hectares of rare temperate rainforest, which has been selected in order to pilot test the certification of recreational services and biodiversity conservation. It is expected to establish a model for private conservation.