Expanding FSC Certification to Ecosystem Services Markets


The landmark project “ForCES – Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services” ran from 2011 to 2017. FSC and partner organizations researched, analyzed, and field tested innovative ways to evaluate and reward the provision of critical ecosystem services, such as biodiversity conservation, watershed protection and carbon storage/sequestration. Pilot tests were carried out at ten forest sites under different socio-political and environmental conditions.

Project Outcomes

The core outcome for FSC at the global level was the development of a new certification tool for ecosystem services. Our new Ecosystem Services Procedure is a global tool for FSC-certified forest managers to measure, verify and communicate the impact of their activities on ecosystem services. Buyers and financial sponsors can use FSC trademarks to promote their support of verified ecosystem services impacts.

The final project report gives a comprehensive description of the project, the pilot sites and our outcomes. The executive summary of the project report provides an overview of the project.

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